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If you feel one of our member sites has violated their Privacy Policy then we will act as a liaison in your behalf to help remedy the situation.
Our Privacy Alert is an on-line mechanism that can be used to report violations of Privacy Policies OR illegal usage of our Privacy Seal.
To remedy the situation, we ask that you complete the following steps:
  • Determine if the Site is a member - We cannot be responsible for sites who illegally use our Privacy Seal. The quickest way to determine the validity is to view the Privacy Policy at the site. Our seal should be located near the top of their Policy page and validity can be confirmed by clicking on the Seal.
  • Is your issue Privacy Related - Please refer to the site's Privacy Policy and read carefully to determine if your issue is addressed. Please remember that we do not handle issues regarding commerce (i.e. you did not receive a product). We do, however, address issues such as removal from mailing lists, distribution of your personal information, or security issues.
  • Contact the web site First - All disputes must first be addressed to the web site. You can find contact information on their Privacy Policy. Almost ninety percent of all privacy issues are quickly resolved by the web site owner. Please give them thirty (30) days to try and resolve your problem before proceeding further.
  • File a Privacy Alert - If you are unable to resolve an issue with the web site OR believe they are acting in an illegal manner such as using our seal without a license, then we will act on your behalf to help resolve the issue.
We ask that you contact the website directly and allow them at least thirty (30) days to resolve your complaint. If the time period has passed and no action is being taken on your behalf, then we will attempt to resolve the complaint.

Privacy Alert Form
Please complete each field. Incomplete submissions may delay or prevent your complaint from being resolved.

Step 1
Please tell us the website that you believe has violated your Privacy as defined by their posted policy OR the site that may be using our seal illegally.
Website URL:
Step 2
Which option best describes the type of violation that you would like to see resolved?
Select the best option:
Step 3
Identify by selecting 'Yes' that you have tried to contact this web site and at least thirty days have passed without resolution.
Did you contact the website directly:

Step 4
Did you read the Privacy Policy on the website and do you still believe we are needed to help resolve your issue?
Did you read the Privacy Policy:

Step 5
Please explain what happened and any steps that you have taken to resolve this issue.
Step 6
What type of resolution are you seeking?
Step 7
Please tell us your name (first & last).
How do we contact you:
We'll also need your email address.
Last Step
It may be necessary to provide your name to the website in question if this matter is related to your Privacy. However, we won't provide it without your permission.
May we disclose your name if necessary:

After submitting this complaint we will contact you via email to notify of any status change. Do not try to contact us concerning this dispute. If we are unable to resolve this issue we may refer you to a more appropriate source.

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