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siteGuardian Membership Rates

Please take a few moments to examine our rate schedule. Your annual cost will depend on three factors:
1. How many visitors your site receives on a daily basis
2. Amount of time (in years) your business has been in operation on the web
3. Ongoing, the number of complaints received against your Privacy Policies

Your initiation rate will be determined on the traffic volume and length of time your business has been on the web. The rate schedule below is an approximation; the actual membership rate may be slightly higher or lower. You may receive a free quote instantly by clicking HERE.

Unique visitors/day*:
<1yr on web
>1yr on web
>2yrs on web
less than 100
101 to 300
301 to 1,000
1,001 to 1,500
1,501 to 5,000
greater than 5,000

Initiation rates run six months. Assuming there are few complaints against your Privacy Policy, the initiation rate will renew for a full year at the same cost.

Assuming your business has been on the web for at least one year and has about 1,200 visitors per day, your cost for the first 18 months would be $280, which is broken down as follows:
  • $140.00 for the first six months (Initiation), payable with site application
  • $140.00 annual membership fee, billed later, for the next twelve months

* Unique visitors per day are determined as the total number of unique IP requests over a twenty-four hour period, averaged over at least fourteen days.
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